TONO has sister societies worldwide, which will, on the basis of reciprocal administration contracts with us, ensure the distribution of royalties to our members for performances carried out in their territory.

These societies have a variety of different allocation rules and practices. Many societies pay out for all licensed concerts. Other societies carry out a form of “sampling”, which means that royalty calculations are based on the licence fees received for a selection of reported concert performances. The same often applies in the broadcasting area. Here a statistical selection of reports, often selected from a certain number of weeks per year, is used to represent the repertoire performed during the whole year. To receive a distribution in such cases, your work must be included in the selection.

Several societies distribute amounts due on a quarterly basis, while some societies distribute once or twice a year.
TONO’s objective is to pay any distribution received from abroad as quickly as possible to our rights holders. We distribute international royalties four times a year. The actual performance must first be dealt with by the relevant sister society before it is forwarded to TONO for local processing.

With regard to reporting performances abroad, the same model is practised as that in Norway. You do not need to report performances of your works on radio/TV, but please report the concert to TONO if you have played abroad.

Since several of our sister societies have strict reporting deadlines, we recommend our members to submit such concert reports as quickly as possible.
You can report concerts you have performed abroad via My TONO in the same way as concerts in Norway. Make sure you provide accurate details.