“Are you organizing a concert or an event?”

We are happy that you are contributing to a vibrant music scene. As an organizer, it is important that you:

  • Apply for a TONO license ahead of the event
  • Provide us with information on gross revenue from ticket sales and number of visitors after the event is completed
  • Let us know which songs are performed

Based on this information, we calculate the accurate compensation to our members – the rights holders.

“Concert and event” includes all events that use live or recorded music, such as concerts, festivals, Christmas parties, costumer events, job seminars or dance events.

If you need any guidance, please contact us at [email protected]

Register your concert/event

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Compensation is calculated by gross box office takings per concert, paid following invoice from TONO. In order for music creators to be rightly compensated, the entire program must be sent to TONO as soon as possible after the concert is held, and with the following information:

  • Organizer’s name and address.
  • Concert venue and date.
  • Title of the musical work, name of composer/arranger/lyricist for each piece performed.

If there is no program, instead use TONO’s music program form. The form must be signed by the concert organizer.

Up to NOK 18,249
Minimum amount (box office takings up to NOK 6570) NOK 657
Share of box office takings up to NOK 18,249 10%
Between NOK 18,249 and NOK 54,855
Base amount NOK 1825
Share of box office takings over NOK 18,249 8%
Between NOK 54,855 and NOK 182,486
Base amount NOK 4754
Share of box office takings over NOK 54,855 4%
Over NOK 182,486
Base amount NOK 9860,-
Share of box office takings over NOK 184,486 2%
Up to 100 listeners, per concert NOK 657,-
Over 100 listeners, extra charge per person kr 2,-

Church concerts with collections should be paid following pt. 2.