Overnight accommodation/drinking and dining

Places for drinking and dining and overnight accommodation must clear their use of music that is administered for guests with TONO licenses.

Drinking and dining refers to restaurants, cafes, taverns, snack bars, bars, pubs, night clubs, and similar establishments. Here monthly compensation is calculated based on the number of seats there are in the establishment.

Overnight accommodation refers to hotels, motels, guest houses, campsites, cabins, and similar forms of accommodation. The use of music must be approved for each location such as hotel rooms/cabins, TV lounges, common rooms, lobbies, receptions, training studios, dining halls, restaurants, bars, and similar establishments.

If you do not find the type of musical performance/usage or the area that you represent, contact us at [email protected] for help and guidance.

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What you pay for:


Background music/TV*
In places for drinking/dining and overnight accommodation, the fee for background music/TV is calculated based on the number of seating or beds, and by number of months it is open for guests per year.

*TV and radio broadcasts contain music, and must therefore be cleared with TONO.


If, in addition to background music, the venue regularly offers DJ or other types of mood music? that is not prominent, the fee will be based on number of seats in the venue and number of days per year.

TONO tariffs


No. of beds/seats TV/video/radio/common rooms Music in room TV/Radio/CD player Background music restaurant/pub Dance (live/disco)
NOK mnd NOK mnd NOK mnd NOK dag
Up to 50 132 257 563 60
51 - 100 188 373 839 87
101 - 150 278 563 1266 137
151 - 200 372 752 1487 182
201 - 300 564 933 1975 269
301 - 400 752 1118 2239 363

Over 400 seats, extra charge for table price: 15% of compensation for "301-400" for each commenced number of 100 seats. Commenced month counted as full month.

Special conditions

  • Take away places with up to five seats are invoiced a minimum fee of NOK 1199, - per year.
  • Concerts and other events with music are not covered by this agreement. To learn more about our “Concert and event” tariffs, click here: (link til “concert and event”)