TONO distributes remunerations to our rightsholders four times annualy. As soon as distributions have been executed, you will be able to see the amounts in our login service «Mitt TONO» («MyTono»). The dates below indicate when we begin payments to those of our rightsholders who has a Norwegian bank account.  Here is a list of what is included in the various distributions.

  • Broadcasting in Norway, Q3 (July-September)
  • Remunerations from use abroad
  • NCB-remuneration (digital services)

  • Broadcasting in Norway, Q4 (October-December)
  • Remunerations from use abroad
  • NCB-remuneration (phonogram, AV-productions, digital services)
  • TV advertisements
  • Cinema

  • Broadcasting in Norway, Q1 (January – March)
  • Remunerations from use abroad
  • NCB-remuneration (digital services)
  • Concerts, preceding year

  • Broadcasting in Norway Q2  (April-June)
  • Remuneration for use abroad
  • NCB-remuneration (phonogram, AV-productions, digital services)
  • First performances
All the different distributions also include supplements and adjustments as well as major concerts, theatre, major rights etc.