Fitness center

Fitness centers must pay a TONO compensation fee for the following uses of music:

  • Background music in common areas (weight-lifting rooms, locker rooms, reception areas, etc.) Background music is calculated with a fixed rate of NOK 10.06 per m2 per year. Note: The group exercise area shall not be included in this category.
  • Group exercise sessions (aerobics, spinning, dance groups, TRX groups, and similar exercise classes) The compensation fee is based on how many participants you have per hour of group exercise.
Fewer than 10 NOK 9,48,-
10 – 19 NOK 15,16
Over 20 NOK 31,11
  • Remixes made by instructors used in group sessions.

If the group exercise sessions include music remixes made by instructors, you pay an extra remix compensation fee to the Nordic Copyright Bureau for this. TONO gives this approval, and the yearly fee is set to NOK 142 per instructor.

Fill out FORM below for agreement. CONTACT US if you need help or have other questions.