Welcome to TONO’s channel for notifications and complaints. Here, we provide a secure and easy to use platform that allows anyone to report any misconduct related to TONO.

We encourage everyone to use this channel to report various matters of concern. Examples of such matters may include:

  • Unethical behavior
  • Situations posing a risk to life and health
  • Violations of relevant regulations
  • Potential harm to the climate or the environment
  • Unacceptable working conditions
  • Cases of corruption and financial misconduct, including theft and embezzlement
  • Violations of laws and regulations by our subcontractors

How do we handle these cases?

We follow these guidelines for handling notifications and complaints:

  • All cases are taken seriously.
  • All cases are thoroughly investigated within a reasonable timeframe and in a fair, impartial, and objective manner.
  • All cases are treated with a high degree of confidentiality, following best practices in information security.
  • Any person accused in a whistleblowing case has the right to receive information about the nature and cause of the allegations and the right to be heard (right to a fair hearing).


If you wish to remain anonymous, you have the option to do so. Your identity will not be disclosed.

To ensure transparency and fair treatment of cases, we follow these guidelines:

  • The person being reported will be informed of the content of the report and given an opportunity to respond.
  • If necessary to establish the facts of the case, simple preliminary investigations may be conducted before informing the person being reported.
  • If the investigations reveal that no misconduct has occurred, the case may be closed without informing the person being reported.

How to report:

When the report is submitted via the web form, it goes to TONO’s legal department as an email without a sender address. There is no way for us to find out who you are.

As the whistleblower, you are not required to provide evidence for what you consider to be misconduct. However, we encourage you to be as clear as possible when describing the actual events.

After you have submitted the report, TONO’s legal department will handle the case. The follow-up to the report will depend on the nature of the reported concerns. Where possible, you, as the whistleblower, will receive information about the handling of the case once it is concluded.

Our aim is to ensure that whistleblowers are protected and that cases are handled thoroughly and fairly.