About TONO

TONO is the Norwegian collection society (performing rights organisation), and is owned and governed by its members: Composers, songwriters, lyricists and music publishers.

TONO represents approximately 37 000 rights holders in Norway, as well as millions of rights holders from other parts of the world. TONO collects and distributes performing rights royalties and mechanical rights royalties to individual rightsholders in Norway and abroad.

In addition to individual management contracts with approximately 37 000 rightsholders, TONO has reciprocal representation agreements with 74 foreign sister organisations. Thus, TONO manages a global repertoire of copyright-protected music on Norwegian territory.

TONO has transferred the management of its rights holders’ audio recording rights to the Nordic Copyright Bureau (NCB) in Copenhagen, which is owned by the Nordic collective rights management organisations KODA (Denmark), STIM (Sweden), STEF (Iceland), Teosto (Finland) and TONO (Norway).

TONO is headquartered in Oslo at Møllergata 4, 0179 Oslo.