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TONO distributes royalties for concerts in September the year after the performance took place. If your musical works were performed in a concert last year, you will receive the corresponding distribution this year.

We depend on receiving concert reports in order to make the appropriate distributions. In principle, the concert organiser is responsible for sending us these reports. However, in cases where you as the music’s creator were also the performer, it is easier if you send us the relevant report. Your report will be the basis for the invoice we send to the concert organiser, so it is important that you provide as accurate details as possible.

Log in to My TONO and report your concert there! Remember that you must specify all the musical works that were performed, including any cover versions and works by other creators.

Deadlines for reporting are:
1 February for the submission of reports for the second half of the previous year
1 October for the submission of reports for the first half of the current year

Please note that it is not possible to report concerts older than 2 years (from today’s date) at My TONO.


There are three types of concerts:

Licensed concerts is by far the largest category. The total distributable  amount is calculated on the basis of the overall licence fee payable by the concert organiser, as well as funds deriving from the background area (e.g. hotels and restaurants). The total amount is then allocated on the basis of the licence fee and the duration of the concert.

Subsidised concerts are concerts whose main repertoire TONO, for reasons of cultural policy, has decided to support with additional funds. These funds derive partly from unidentified works.

This category includes concerts by orchestral companies, music associations, etc. A general criterion is that the performed repertoire is sheet music or similar works, which, from a compositional point of view, extend beyond the simplest forms and where the composer, via their musical score, has a substantial degree of control over every performance.

The list of clients and performers in the subsidised category is dynamic and may be found HERE.

Mega concerts are concerts for which TONO receives more than NOK 25,000 in licence fees. The distribution is calculated directly on the basis of the licence fees deriving from each individual concert, minus a predetermined administration fee.

Under TONO FAQ, you will find examples of how the royalties payable for a concert are calculated.