Other uses of music



MUSIC IN REVUE PERFORMANCES Minimum amount pr. performance                                     NOK 282,- Share of box office takings over NOK 19 747,-                  2% Download report form for revue here. For theatre and musical…



Ships, domestic: Compensation for use of background music (TV/video, CD, radio etc.) in cafeterias and/or other common rooms calculated based on the following rates: Ships, foreign: For ships with more than 1000 bunks/passenger cabins, an extra charge is calculated per commenced 100 bunks/passenger cabins at 8% of the rates in group 12. Buses Compensation for use…

Phone/holding music


Calculated based on the switchboard capacity; number of lines or maximum number on hold. Holding music over telephone, compensation per year



Circus Applies to the use of music in circus acts Compensation per act Circus owners normally have central agreements with TONO. Carnival/Traveling funfair Pr year: 3 558,-

Alpine skiing facility


TONO prices for background music at sports/alpine skiing facilities

The work place


Music at the work place Radio, TV/video, CD, or similar entertainment in meeting rooms, offices, canteens, or break areas. Applies to businesses with at least 50 employees, of which 30 have access to the music. TONO rates More than 300 employees, extra charge for table price: NOK 620,- for each commenced number of 40 employees. The compensation applies…

Movie theatre


Applies to the use of music during movie showings and in movie advertisements. Movie showings: 1 % of gross revenue from ticket sales. The theatre pays compensation to TONO in arrears either quarterly, every six months, or annually by agreement with TONO.  



For less independent clubs (e.g. youth clubs, retiree clubs, etc. that are not under the auspices of the municipality), 4.5% of the box office takings (total sales) must be paid to TONO. Our minimum compensation fee per club, per year, is NOK 1088



The state has drawn up an agreement with TONO for musical performances that take place within the Church of Norway and other religious communities. The agreement covers performances for all church services and devotional music. For devotional music, church concerts are understood to offer free admission and religious preaching. In May 2021, TONO launched a…



TONO and KS (Municipal Sector Organization) has negotiated a model agreement for municipalities in Norway that use music that is approved under the auspices of the municipalities. Examples of music usage that are covered by this type of agreement include music at youth clubs, indoor swimming pools and sports centers, playing fields, work places, nursing…