TONO in numbers 2022

TONO in numbers - 2022

Overview of TONOs income 2022

TONO generated gross revenues of NOK 864,624,850 in 2022.
This is an increase of 2.45 per cent compared with 2021. After a 2 per cent deduction payable to the Norwegian Composers’ Fund, as well as losses and administrative costs, TONO had NOK 717,348,479 for distribution to rights holders, a decrease of 20,160,236 per cent compared with 2021. Expenses totalled 12.77 per cent of revenues in 2022


Development, sources of income
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Disbursements to and from abroad

TONO has reciprocal representation agreements with a large number of foreign sister organisations on every continent. Thus, TONO manages its sister organisations’ repertoire of copyright-protected music on Norwegian territory and visa versa. Some sister organisations manage several territories. This is pointed out when relevant.


Trend in revenues and expenditures

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Gross income

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