The state has drawn up an agreement with TONO for musical performances that take place within the Church of Norway and other religious communities. The agreement covers performances for all church services and devotional music. For devotional music, church concerts are understood to offer free admission and religious preaching.

In May 2021, TONO launched a digital reporting solution for ceremonies. Log in here to report

If you have questions about the reporting of church services, please contact seremoni (a)

The agreement does not cover church concerts without religious preaching.

TONO compensation is then calculated based on the CONCERT TARIFFS, from box office takings, or the number of spectators at free concerts. Collections are not counted as entrance fees/ticket sales, and do not need to be reported.

Single events can be applied for here.


For musical performances/usage that fall outside of the agreement or for more info, contact us at MARKED@TONO.NO.