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Concert and event

Are you going to organize a concert or an event?

When you hold a concert or an event with musical works that TONO manages, you must have permission and pay a fee to TONO. TONO's conditions for concerts and events can be found further down on this page. It is important that you read the terms carefully. These mainly consist of:

Permission before the event

You must send us an application for permission to perform music that TONO manages no later than 7 days before the event. You do this by filling in the form below.


The remuneration shall normally be calculated according to TONO's tariff for concerts and events, which you will find below. The rates in the tariff are based on the fact that all music played at the event is managed by TONO. If music that is not managed by TONO is also performed during the event, the remuneration must be reduced.

Reporting after the event

No later than 10 days after the event, you must complete and return the form you received when you received the permit. You must enter the number of listeners, gross ticket revenue and a repertoire/playlist.

If you need any guidance, please contact us at