Joining TONO

What is the difference between TONO and NCB?


TONO manages your financial rights in connection with the public performance of your musical works. This means that TONO ensures that you get paid as a rights holder when your works are played at concerts and on radio and television. NCB manages your financial rights in connection with the sound recording of your musical works […]

Can TONO help me in the event of a dispute?

No. TONO is not a judicial body and has no authority to adjudicate disputes between two parties in matters relating, for example, to plagiarism or similar copyright infringements. We must remain neutral with respect to disputes between rights holders, and disputes between publishers and creators, since we manage both parties’ financial rights and entitlements. This […]

Does TONO deduct tax from the royalties it distributes?

No. According to the Norwegian Tax Assessment Act, “fees or other remunerations paid to the creator of an artistic work” are reportable, but TONO has no duty to make deductions at source. This means that TONO can pay out the royalties due to rights holders without deducting income tax at source. However, TONO is obliged […]

What is difference between TONO and Gramo, and can I be a member of both?

TONO collects and distributes royalties to composers, lyricists and music publishers for public performances and broadcast works. Gramo does the same for recorded music, but on behalf of the performers and record companies. In principle, these are different professional groups, whose rights are safeguarded by different copyright law provisions. If you are a performer who […]

What does it cost to be a member of TONO?

It costs nothing to join TONO, nor be a member of TONO. We collect and distribute royalties on a non-profit basis, and deduct an annual administration percentage of approximately 15 % from TONO’s revenues before any distributions are paid out.

What does being a member of TONO mean?

When you sign a management agreement with TONO, TONO/NCB will, on your behalf, manage your financial rights and entitlements in connection with public performances and sound recordings of your music. TONO makes sure that you are paid when your music is used in public (concerts, radio/TV, etc.), through agreements with the different music users who […]