TONO distributes 16 million EUR

Largest December distribution ever

TONO is currently distributing 190.1 million Norwegian kroner (equivalent to EUR 16 million) in December to songwriters, composers, lyricists, and music publishers within Norway, as well as to partner organizations in other countries, in the final of this year’s four major distributions.  The payout is almost 50 million kroner (EUR 4.3 million) higher than the previous record high December payout a year ago.

 / 18/12/2023 /

(Norwegian kroner in this text are converted to euros based on the exchange rate of December 13, 2023)

The collective management of copyrights results in benefits for both music creators and users:

“I am delighted to share with our friends and partners in sister societies around the world that we are seeing positive trends. The team at TONO is diligently working to license the music we represent on behalf of our members and sister societies, ensuring the highest possible distributions. The total disbursement of 190.1 million Norwegian kroner, roughly equivalent to 16 million euros, marks the largest December payout in our history. Of this amount, 47 percent, which is about 90 million kroner or approximately 7.6 million euros, is allocated to our sister societies“, says Karl Vestli, CEO of TONO.

Development over the last five years

There are often slightly different areas included in each settlement, and with that as a small caveat, see a graphical representation of the December payouts to sister societies over the last five years below.

December distribution to sister societies 2019-23

Here are the areas and periods TONO distributes for in December


TV Broadcasting

Music streaming

Concerts and live events 

Video on demand 

Other areas

Routine post-settlements for previous periods (up to 3 years back) in broadcasting, concerts, cinema, video on-demand, etc., as well as corrections, are also included.


2024 distribution schedule for our sister societies

3 April, 18 June, 11 October, 13 December


Contact info

If you have any questions about the distribution, do not hesitate to contact us. We are your disposal. You can reach us at or +47 22 05 72 00