10,2 Million Euro in first TONO distribution of 2024


This year’s first distribution from TONO amounts to 118 million Norwegian kroner, roughly equivalent to EUR 10,2 million. A total of 53,3 million kroner, 4,6~£ million Euro, is allocated to rightsholders across the globe.

Bilde av gate i los angeles

TONO Launches New US Initiative


TONO, Norway’s music rights organization, is now establishing a presence in Los Angeles on a trial basis to act as a resource for Norwegian songwriters, composers, and lyricists living and working in the United States. TONO also aims to simplify the process for Norwegian music creators to venture into the U.S. market and to strengthen Norwegian music exports.

Largest December distribution ever


TONO is currently distributing 190.1 million Norwegian kroner (equivalent to EUR 16 million) in December to songwriters, composers, lyricists, and music publishers within Norway, as well as to partner organizations in other countries, in the final of this year’s four major distributions.  The payout is almost 50 million kroner (EUR 4.3 million) higher than the previous record high December payout a year ago.

TONO distributes over 240 million Norwegian kroner


Today, TONO distributes 240.2 million Norwegian kroner to composers, lyricists, and music publishers in Norway and abroad. Of this amount, 134.9 million Norwegian kroner is allocated to TONO’s members, including 72.2 million Norwegian kroner for concerts in Norway. – This is one of the largest disbursements in a quarter by TONO, and it is particularly pleasing to see such strong activity in the concert sector, says CEO Karl Vestli. The payout of distributions to sister societies of TONO in other countries will be made on October 18th.

Inger Elise Mey appointed Director of International Affairs


TONO aims to be a driving force in the development of international copyright legislation and global cooperation in the field of rights management. TONO is therefore strengthening its international engagement by appointing Inger Elise Mey to the newly created position of Director of International Affairs.

TONO distributes EUR 18,9 million


TONO distributes 18.9 million euros to rights holders in Norway and abroad in this year’s second quarterly settlement. Out of the total settlement amount, EUR 5,66 million is distributed to TONO members, and EUR 12,81 million is distributed to composers, lyricists, songwriters, and music publishers abroad. The payout date to TONO members is June 9, while the payout to TONO’s sister societies will be on June 23.

TONO generated EUR 81.95 million in 2022


The Norwegian collective management organisation TONO achieved record revenues of NOK 864.6 million in 2022, equivalent to approximately EUR 81.95 million. “We are especially pleased to see that concert revenues are back after two difficult pandemic years, and at their highest ever,” said Karl Vestli, CEO of TONO.

TONO has signed an agreement with Spanish Point Technologies


TONO has chosen Spanish Point Technologies as the supplier of new business-critical data systems. “This agreement means that TONO will be able to establish better systems for collective rights management (CRM) to meet the current and future expectations of members, customers and international partners,” says TONO’s CEO, Karl Vestli.

TONOs 3rd quarterly distribution in 2022


Today, TONO will be distributing this year’s third quarterly settlement to our sister societies abroad. Here is an overview of the areas TONO distribute, and other relevant information about the distribution.

TONO has entered into an agreement with TikTok


Polaris HUB – a joint venture between the Nordic collective rights management societies Koda (DK), Tono (NO) and Teosto (FIN) – has entered into a licensing agreement with TikTok. The licensing agreement also covers the repertoire of the Icelandic society Stef.