TONO distributes 256,5 million Norwegian kroner:

Record high June distribution

Nearly 30,000 TONO members are on the receiving end of the largest June distribution in history. At 256.4 million kroner, this year’s summer payout is over 36 million more than last year’s.

 / 07/06/2024 /

TONO is a collective management organization. Broadcasters, streaming services, concert organizers, and others who wish to use the music that TONO manages on behalf of its 40,000 Norwegian members and millions of rights holders from around the world receive permission from TONO to use the music in exchange for payment.

As a non-profit organization, we distribute TONO royalties to composers, lyricists, songwriters, and music publishers in Norway and abroad. This collective management creates benefits for both the creators and users of music.

89.9 million Norwegian kroner to TONO’s members

Friday, June 7th is “payday” for TONO’s members. On this day, TONO will distribute a total of NOK 256.4 million to rights holders both domestically and internationally. This marks the largest June payout in TONO’s history.

Of the NOK 256.4 million being distributed, NOK 89.9 million will go to TONO’s members, while NOK 161.4 million will be allocated to music creators in other countries. As always, funds are also set aside for currently unidentified rights holders and works, temporarily unregistered works, non-members, and disputed rights. This time, this amounts to NOK 5 million.

The number of women receiving distributions from TONO has increased by a significant 8.69% compared to last year.

This year’s June payout has increased by a total of 36.4 million kroner, from 219.9 million in 2023. The share that went to TONO’s members was 65.8 million kroner last year. The comparison is not adjusted for inflation.

Statistics on TONO Members Receiving Distributions

Here are some numbers and facts about the TONO members receiving distributions this June:

Distribution Broken Down by Categories

Channels and services TONO distributes for in June 2024


TV Broadcasting

Concerts / Live Events

Music Streaming

Video on Demand

Other Areas

Additional information

In your digital account on “My TONO”, you can always view your balance and all transactions on your member account. You can also search for royalties’ data for individual works across periods and categories with details of the individual performances. Royalties’ statements showing the number of performances per channel/area for the individual distribution runs are available to download. You can download the royalties’ statement in PDF format or as an Excel spreadsheet; this is available from the “documents” menu on “My TONO”.

TONO reserves the right to possible errors in the distribution due to circumstances beyond our control. Should such an error result in a rights holder receiving too much or too little, the error will be corrected by an additional distribution or adjustment(s) in the next available distribution.

This message is only sent out to members with registered activity on their member account in TONO. This also applies to members with active financial transfers, where the royalties are paid to a different recipient other than the member themself.

The threshold for distribution is NOK 250 for members with a distribution address in Norway and NOK 1,000 for members with a distribution address abroad. Non-paid royalties’ amounts are accumulated on the member’s account in TONO and paid out when the balance reaches the distribution threshold.

Questions can be directed to member services at phone number 22 05 72 80 or Any claims must be in writing and sent to TONO within six weeks.