MUSIC IN REVUE PERFORMANCES Minimum amount pr. performance                                     NOK 282,- Share of box office takings over NOK 19 747,-                  2% Download report form for revue here. For theatre and musical…



TONO has sister societies worldwide, which will, on the basis of reciprocal administration contracts with us, ensure the distribution of royalties to our members for performances carried out in their territory. These societies have a variety of different allocation rules and practices. Many societies pay out for all licensed concerts. Other societies carry out a…



TONO receives reports directly from the radio and television channels, so you do not need to report this to TONO yourself. For the Norwegian broadcasting sector, all of NRK’s national and regional radio and TV channels are included, as are TV Norge and the TV2 channels: TV2, TV2 Humor, TV2 Zebra, and TV2 Livsstil. Distributions…

First performance


All works that meet the first performance criteria will automatically be allocated a special code when they are notified to TONO, and a special “first performance” distribution is calculated in December of the year following the first performance. The first performance must have taken place in Norway within an area that meets the criteria. In…



TONO distributes royalties for concerts in September the year after the performance took place. If your musical works were performed in a concert last year, you will receive the corresponding distribution this year. We depend on receiving concert reports in order to make the appropriate distributions. In principle, the concert organiser is responsible for sending…



Ships, domestic: Compensation for use of background music (TV/video, CD, radio etc.) in cafeterias and/or other common rooms calculated based on the following rates: Ships, foreign: For ships with more than 1000 bunks/passenger cabins, an extra charge is calculated per commenced 100 bunks/passenger cabins at 8% of the rates in group 12. Buses Compensation for use…

Phone/holding music


Calculated based on the switchboard capacity; number of lines or maximum number on hold. Holding music over telephone, compensation per year



Circus Applies to the use of music in circus acts Compensation per act Circus owners normally have central agreements with TONO. Carnival/Traveling funfair Pr year: 3 558,-

Alpine skiing facility


TONO prices for background music at sports/alpine skiing facilities

The work place


Music at the work place Radio, TV/video, CD, or similar entertainment in meeting rooms, offices, canteens, or break areas. Applies to businesses with at least 50 employees, of which 30 have access to the music. TONO rates More than 300 employees, extra charge for table price: NOK 620,- for each commenced number of 40 employees. The compensation applies…