TONO has sister societies worldwide, which will, on the basis of reciprocal administration contracts with us, ensure the distribution of royalties to our members for performances carried out in their territory. These societies have a variety of different allocation rules and practices. Many societies pay out for all licensed concerts. Other societies carry out a […]


First performance




Ships, domestic: Compensation for use of background music (TV/video, CD, radio etc.) in cafeterias and/or other common rooms calculated based on the following rates: [table width=”70%” colalign=”left|right” align=”center” delimiter=”|”] Average number of passengers|NOK per month Up to 50|121,- From 50-75|202,- From 75-100|279,- From 100-125|367,- Over 125|542,- [/table] Ships, foreign: [table width=”70%” colalign=”left|right|right|right|right|right” align=”center” delimiter=”|”] Number […]

Phone/holding music

Calculated based on the switchboard capacity; number of lines or maximum number on hold. Holding music over telephone, compensation per year [table delimiter=”|” colalign=”left|right” align=”center” width=”70%”] Up to 25 lines/number on hold:|NOK 1 304 Over 25/number on hold, per line:|NOK 39,03 [/table]


Circus Applies to the use of music in circus acts Compensation per act [table width=”70%” colalign=”left|left|right” align=”center” delimiter=”|”] Group|Number of seats|NOK per act 1|Up to 500|NOK 164,- 2|501 – 1 000|NOK 263,- 3|1 001 – 2 000|NOK 345,- 4|Over 2000|NOK 448- [/table] Circus owners normally have central agreements with TONO. Carnival/Traveling funfair Pr year: 3 […]

Alpine skiing facility

TONO prices for background music at sports/alpine skiing facilities [table delimiter=”|” width=”70%”  colalign=”left|right” align=”center”] Number of visitors per year/season|Compensation per year/season (NOK) Max 10 000|NOK 1 954- 10 001-100 000|NOK 9 754,- 100 001-200 000|NOK 14 304,- 200 001-300 000|NOK 20 802,- 300 001-400 000|NOK 28 604,- 400 001-500 000|NOK 36 406,- 500 001 or […]

The work place

Music at the work place Radio, TV/video, CD, or similar entertainment in meeting rooms, offices, canteens, or break areas. Applies to businesses with at least 50 employees, of which 30 have access to the music. TONO rates [table delimiter=”|” width=”70%”  colalign=”left|right” align=”center”] Number of employees|NOK per month 0 – 30|0 31 – 50|112 51 – 75|166 […]

Movie theatre

Applies to the use of music during movie showings and in movie advertisements. Movie showings: 1 % of gross revenue from ticket sales. The theatre pays compensation to TONO in arrears either quarterly, every six months, or annually by agreement with TONO.