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Stores // Customers facilities

The use of music to be played for customers on your premises must be cleared with TONO license(s).

Customer facilities refers to stores, hair salons, department stores, shopping centers, waiting rooms, common rooms, and similar facilities. Compensation is calculated based on the size of the facility (number of sq. meters). If you do not find the type of musical performance/usage or the area that you represent, contact us at MARKED@TONO.NO for help and guidance.

Stores – customer facilities and waiting rooms

Minimum compensation, customer facilities up to 100 m2 per year NOK 1298,-
Customer facilities from 101 – 2000 m2
Base amount NOK 1298,-
101-2000 m2, per m2 NOK 9,06
Customer facilities over 2000 m2
Base amount NOK 18.530,-
2,001-5000 m2, per m2 NOK 4,53


Furniture, car and boat stores, recreational areas etc.

Customer facilities over 5000 m2
Base amount NOK 32 100,-
per mover 5 000 m2 NOK 2,27


Please send an e-mail to marked@tono.no to enter into an agreement that allows you to use TONO’s repertoire.