Are some types of yoik covered by special copyright provisions to accord with Sámi tradition?


Yes, TONO has special copyright rules for the personal yoik that it administers. Copyright protects everyone who creates works of music or other intellectual property, and forms the basis for TONO’s operations. In Norway, this right is established in law through the Norwegian Copyright Act. It is also protected under a number of international agreements,…

Application form for music publishers


HERE you will find an application form in PDF for music publishers.

Does TONO provide legal advice on my publishing contract?


No. Creators and publishers are considered equal parties in TONO, and we cannot, on a general basis, provide any assistance with regard to agreements between them. However, we can explain what your contract will entail in relation to distributions by TONO/NCB.

I have received an advance from my publisher, how is this registered?


The publisher must submit a so-called declaration of transfer, or financial authorisation, to TONO. This document must specify whether the advance relates to revenues from, for example, record sales, or whether it also applies to performing rights royalties. It must also state whether it is a general declaration of transfer or applies to only some…

How large a percentage of my royalties can a music publisher claim?


The publisher can take no more than 33.33 per cent for a performance and no more than 50 per cent for a sound recording. However, it is normal for publishers to receive 33.33 per cent of both types of royalties. This applies in the original publishing territories, i.e. in territories where a sub-publishing agreement does…

How can I start my own music publishing company?


Contact The Norwegian Music Publisher Association. They will be able to help you. You can also apply for TONO membership for your publishing company by completing the application form found HERE. The following conditions apply to music publishers: The publishing company must have an agreement with at least one person who is the creator of…

What is a music publisher, and what does it do?


A music publisher can help a music creator to market and stage performances of their works through, for example, promotion and networking – often both at home in Norway and abroad. For more information, visit the website of THE NORWEGIAN MUSIC PUBLISHER ASSOCIATION.