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TONO distributes over 240 million Norwegian kroner

Today, TONO distributes 240.2 million Norwegian kroner to composers, lyricists, and music publishers in Norway and abroad. Of this amount, 134.9 million Norwegian kroner is allocated to TONO’s members, including 72.2 million Norwegian kroner for concerts in Norway. – This is one of the largest disbursements in a quarter by TONO, and it is particularly pleasing to see such strong activity in the concert sector, says CEO Karl Vestli. The payout of distributions to sister societies of TONO in other countries will be made on October 18th.

 / 29/09/2023 /

Collective management of music rights creates value for both music creators and those who use their works. TONO represents over 40,000 members and millions of their colleagues from other countries. Radio and TV channels, concert organizers, streaming services and more obtain permission from TONO to use our global repertoire in exchange for payment. As a non-profit cooperative enterprise, TONO redistributes money to you and other rights holders in musical works based on the reports we receive regarding the music performed. 

Large distribution amount for concerts in Norway

This time, TONO distributes a total of 240.2 million Norwegian kroner. Of this, 134.9 million kroner goes to TONO’s members, and 100.5 million goes to rights holders in other countries. As always, we also set aside funds for preliminary unidentified rights holders and musical works, unreported musical works, non-members, and disputed rights. This time, this amounts to 4.6 million kroner. 

TONO’s September distribution is typically the largest of the year’s four main settlements. This is due to the inclusion of significant main concert events. This time, we are remunerating for concerts that took place in 2022. 

– We are pleased that concert payments for composers, lyricists, and music publishers have rebounded and exceeded pre-COVID-19 levels. In total, we are paying out 106.7 million Norwegian kroner for concerts. Of this, 72.2 million kroner, 70 percent, goes to TONO’s members,” says CEO Karl Vestli.


Below, you can see the increase in the amounts we have paid out for concerts in Norway since 2019. 2021 and 2022 were marked by COVID-19 lockdowns.
Numbers in million NOK 

Below is a table showing how the total distribution amount of 240.2 million Norwegian kroner is distributed across rights categories and usage areas.

Here are the distribution areas in September



Concerts/Live Events

Music Streaming

Video on Demand

Other Areas

Some key figures for the September distribution

* Many TONO customers in the background music sector (hair salons, restaurants, etc.) do not report to TONO what they play. The income from this sector is allocated based on reports received from radio and concert performances. In recent years, TONO has, however, established reporting collaborations with several music service providers for businesses. An increasing portion of the background music revenue is thus distributed based on documented music playback. 

Those of TONO’s members who have received payments today have received a slightly longer version of this settlement letter by e-mail.


Contact information

Questions from TONO members regarding the distribution should be directed to the Membership Service at phone number +47 22 05 72 80 or email address
For media inquiries, please contact Communications Director Willy Martinsen at +47 909 65 254 or willy.martinsen (at)