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TV and radio

What would TV and radio be without music?

Hard to imagine! As the copyright holders' own collection society, TONO has administered the use of all global music on Norwegian radio since 1928 when TONO was established. All TV and radio stations pay an annual fee to have the right to broadcast copyright protected music. TONO has agreements with all TV and radio stations that broadcast in Norway—agreements that are adapted to the broadcasters' different needs and options.


For TV channels that broadcast in Norway, negotiated prices and contract terms and conditions apply.

To use music and images together, otherwise known as audiovisual production, you need different kinds of licenses. Audiovisual productions might, for example, be TV programs, advertisements, feature films, documentaries, or short films. These licenses are administered by NCB. Read more here: NCB.DK/NO


TONO organizes the use of music for radio stations that broadcast in Norway, whether they be on the national or local level and/or Internet radio. For information on Internet radio, read more here: TONO.NO/KUNDER/ONLINE

What needs to be sent in to TONO—and when?

In mid-February each year, TONO sends out a new information form to the local radio licensee, who then fills out and returns it together with the annual budget.  The deadline is March 15th.

This forms the basis of the calculation and determination of the TONO compensation fee for the current year, and will be billed on account by two installments on April 15th and October 15th each year.

Final settlements are made in the following year and after the accounts are reviewed. The filing deadline for accounts for the previous year is August 20th.