TV and radio

What would TV and radio be without music?

Hard to imagine! As the copyright holders’ own collection society, TONO has administered the use of all global music on Norwegian radio since 1928 when TONO was established. All TV and radio stations pay an annual fee to have the right to broadcast copyright protected music. TONO has agreements with all TV and radio stations that broadcast in Norway—agreements that are adapted to the broadcasters’ different needs and options.


For TV channels that broadcast in Norway, negotiated prices and contract terms and conditions apply.

To use music and images together, otherwise known as audiovisual production, you need different kinds of licenses. Audiovisual productions might, for example, be TV programs, advertisements, feature films, documentaries, or short films. These licenses are administered by NCB. Read more here: NCB.DK/NO

To make the distance from music use to the copyright holders’ compensation as short and easy as possible, TONO and NCB have a form that makes music reporting efficient and easy to understand.

Absolutely all music must be reported in full on the form below, whether they be commissioned music, existing music, or ready-made/royalty-free music libraries. Remember to mention what was commissioned music.

The information that you fill in must closely follow the template on the form that you download because this information will later be recorded electronically.
Only send one form per program/episode.

Here’s what to do:
  1. Download this form: Cue sheet
  2. Replace the text in each cell on the Excel sheet that you downloaded with information from your production
  3. Finally, send the form to the respective TV channel, and to NCB

A few clarifications:
  • The column order is fixed and must not be altered.
  • The first line is for program information.
  • The next line is for music information. It must remain in this order.
  • “Channel” should be replaced with TV2, for example, “broadcast date” with 20140125, etc., and must be filled in on allrows with music information.
  • Use the formats that are used in the example:
    – Date: YYYYMMDD
    – Time: HH:MM:SS
    – Run time: MM:SS
  • Information on the broadcast date and time should be filled out/can be obtained from the respective TV channel.

Unsure of the composer/lyricist?
Helpful websites for finding the right cmposers/lyricists:

TONO has negotiated a general agreement with the Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association for entry into individual agreements with each local TV licensee in Norway where, among other things, both parties agree that the contractual wording and compensation must be based on individual agreements. Agreements are intended to regulate the right to broadcast and the right to compensation for broadcasting musical works that TONO manages in accordance with the Norwegian Copyright Act. Each year, TONO sends out an information form to be filled out and returned so that the basis for accurate compensation for the calendar year can be determined.


TONO organizes the use of music for radio stations that broadcast in Norway, whether they be on the national or local level and/or Internet radio. For information on Internet radio, read more here: TONO.NO/KUNDER/ONLINE

What needs to be sent in to TONO—and when?

In mid-February each year, TONO sends out a new information form to the local radio licensee, who then fills out and returns it together with the annual budget.  The deadline is March 15th.

This forms the basis of the calculation and determination of the TONO compensation fee for the current year, and will be billed on account by two installments on April 15th and October 15th each year.

Final settlements are made in the following year and after the accounts are reviewed. The filing deadline for accounts for the previous year is August 20th.

The local radio pays an annual fee for the right to broadcast TONO’s repertoire which is calculated as a percentage  of the total annual revenues (basis for calculation). The compensation percentage is based on how large share TONO’s repertoire makes up of the local radio’s total broadcast time, and is calculated as music percentage x 0.0775, but with a minimum fee as specified below. Further details on payment arrangements and music reporting will be specified by the agreement which each local radio station has made with TONO.

Minimum fee per hour of music

GroupInhabitants(or actual weekly listeners)Fee per hour of music
12 000 001 – 4 500 000200 001 – 450 000kr 220,-
21 000 001 – 2 000 000100 001 – 200 000kr 139,-
3500 001 – 1 000 00050 001 – 100 000kr 75,-
4200 001 – 500 00020 001 – 50 000kr 56,-
5100 001 – 200 00010 001 – 20 000kr 36,-
650 000 – 100 0005 000 – 10 000kr 16,-
7Under 50 000Under 5000Kr 10,-

Minimum pr. year: NOK 2.461,-
Short term license: NOK 200,- pr. 24 hours.
Additional fee for a simulcast of the radio to the local radio’s website: NOK 811,- pr month.

*Minimum fee pr. hour of music is based on the population in the broadcasting are. Local radios with particularly low listenership may receive a lower fee upon documentation of revenue and actual weekly listening.

As the local radios use a greater amount of local music compared with commercial radio stations, a more precise report on the local radio stations’ music usage is necessary in order to help promote local music creators. TONO arranges for this type of reporting, and the local stations that would like to report to TONO can contact the Reporting Manager ELIN HEER for more information on formats and options