Reporting and distribution from YouTube


YouTube applies systems that autimatically recognise recorded music, and make it possible to register metadata and connect an uploaded video to registered musical works. If you upload your own music video, it is important that you register the correct title, names of all rights holders, ISRC codes etc. Remember to register the work on your […]

Customers and performers in subsidised category


What are subsidised concerts? Subsidised concerts are concerts whose main repertoire TONO, for reasons of cultural policy, has decided to support with additional funds. These funds derive partly from unidentified works. This category includes concerts by orchestral companies, music associations, etc. A general criterion is that the performed repertoire is sheet music or similar works, […]

I have received an advance from my publisher, how is this registered?


The publisher must submit a so-called declaration of transfer, or financial authorisation, to TONO. This document must specify whether the advance relates to revenues from, for example, record sales, or whether it also applies to performing rights royalties. It must also state whether it is a general declaration of transfer or applies to only some […]

Why does TONO not calculate distributions for channels like TV3 and Viasat 4?

These channels broadcast from the UK and distributions are therefore calculated by our British affiliate PRS For Music. Any distributions due from these channels will be received via our international distribution arrangements.

What is the difference between live and mechanical performances on radio and television?

Live performances mean that the musical work is performed live. For tv performances this means that the musicians are performing the work on screen. For radio performances this means a live performance of the work, either in studio or on stage. This also includes recorded live performances, but only for the first broadcast of each […]

Why are the values per minute higher on P1 than on P3?

The distribution of NRK’s radio channels is based on an a factor which relates to the audience numbers per channel, among other things. Additionally, the minute value per channel will be affected by the total amount of performed music minutes per channel and year, and the share of live performances per channel and year.

How is the first performance supplement registered and calculated?

All new works that meet the criteria for first performance will automatically be given a special code when a work notification has been submitted and registered. This code is triggered the first time the work is chosen for performance, and the payment due is determined as part of a separate first performance distribution that takes […]

How much will I receive for one broadcast on the radio?

It is not possible to give an exact answer, since the value per minute varies on the various channels – even those belonging to the same broadcaster. The type of performance it relates to will also affect the distributable amount. Further details can be found here. Only when all the performances for the distribution period […]

How much will I receive for a concert?

Here is an explanation of how TONO calculates payment settlements for different types of concerts. NOTE! The names used here are fictitious and are only included to illustrate the process as clearly as possible.  Licensed concerts With the exception of exceptionally large concerts where the concert promoter pays a minimum, single fee of NOK 25,000 […]

How does TONO calculate the royalties payable in various areas?

Please check this pdf document to see how the royalties payable in the various performance areas are calculated.