How much will I receive for one broadcast on the radio?

It is not possible to give an exact answer, since the value per minute varies on the various channels – even those belonging to the same broadcaster. The type of performance it relates to will also affect the distributable amount. Further details can be found here.

Only when all the performances for the distribution period concerned have been registered, it is possible to calculate the value per minute. This means that TONO’s values per minute for a specific calendar year are calculated along with the final distribution for radio and television royalties in June the following year.

You can get a rough idea, however, by logging in to My TONO and checking the overview of last year’s values per minute.

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Are some types of yoik covered by special copyright provisions to accord with Sámi tradition?

Yes, TONO has special copyright rules for the personal yoik that it administers. Copyright protects everyone who creates works of music or other intellectual property, and forms the basis for TONO’s operations. In Norway, this right is established in law through the Norwegian Copyright Act. It is also protected under a number of international agreements,…
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