Other uses of music

Are you going to do a revue, hold a service, play music in the classroom or run a fitness center with music use? Then you need a permit from TONO, and we are happy to give it to you!

Below you will find descriptions and prices for a number of different areas. If you do not fit into these categories, you can contact us and we will help you.

Please send an e-mail to marked@tono.no to enter into an agreement that allows you to use TONO’s repertoire. 

If you do not find the type of musical performance/usage or the area that you represent, contact us for help and guidance.

Ships, domestic:

Compensation for use of background music (TV/video, CD, radio etc.) in cafeterias and/or other common rooms calculated based on the following rates:

Average number of passengersNOK per month
Up to 50129
From 51-75215
From 76-100296
From 101-125390
Over 126575

Ships, foreign:

Number of beds/passenger cabins, number of seats in dance halls/theatersA) Background music, cabins excl. TV/video NOK per monthB) Background music (live/recorded) NOK per monthC) Background music incl. TV/videos in cabins NOK per monthD) Music for dancing. (live/recorded) NOK per dayE) Movie theater NOK per day.
Inntil 50230,-501,-611,-28,-0,-
Inntil 100331,-747,-908,-41,-0,-
Inntil 150502,-1 127,-1 379,-60,- 0,-
Up to 200668,-1 325,-1 658,-81,-54,-
Up to 300831,-1 760,-2 172,-120,-0,-
Up to 400995,-1 990,-2 488,-162,-74,-
Up to 5001 145,-2 288,-2 862,-188,-0,-
Up to 6001 291,- 2 587,-3 235,-211,-0,-
Up to 7001 442,-2 884,-3 610,-235,-0,-
Up to 8001 591,-3 183,-3 980,-261,-0,-
Up to 9001 740,-3 482,-4 354,-286,-0,-
Up to 10001 890,-3 781,-4 724,-308,-90,-

For ships with more than 1000 bunks/passenger cabins, an extra charge is calculated per commenced 100 bunks/passenger cabins at 8% of the rates in group 12.


Compensation for use of radio, TV/video, CD, headphones etc. are calculated based on the following rates:

NOK 1470,- per bus per year


Applies to the use of music for passengers on planes and helicopters.

Boarding music:

NOK 4 646 per plane per year

In-flight music, per flight, within Europe


Up to 100 59
101-200 106
Over 200 128


In-flight music, per flight, Intercontinental (at least one destination outside of Europe):


Up to 100 68
101-200 131
Over 200 181


Calculated based on the switchboard capacity; number of lines or maximum number on hold.

Holding music over telephone, compensation per year


Up to 25 lines/number on hold: NOK 1 383,-
Over 25/number on hold, per line: NOK 41,37


Applies to the use of music in circus acts

Compensation per act

GroupNumber of seatsNOK per act
1Up to 500169
2501 – 1 000271
31 001 – 2 000355
4Over 2000461

Circus owners normally have central agreements with TONO.

Carnival/Traveling funfair

Pr year: 3 772,-

TONO prices for background music at sports/alpine skiing facilities

Number of visitors per year/seasonCompensation per year/season (NOK)
Max 10 0002072
10 001-100 00010340
100 001-200 00015163
200 001-300 00022051
300 001-400 00030321
400 001-500 00038591
500 001 or moreNOK 3 591 + NOK 0.08 for each additional visitor.


Music at the work place

Radio, TV/video, CD, or similar entertainment in meeting rooms, offices, canteens, or break areas. Applies to businesses with at least 50 employees, of which 30 have access to the music.

TONO rates
Number of employeesNOK per month
0 – 300
31 – 50119
51 – 75176
76 – 100229
101 – 150345
151 – 200456
201 – 250572
251 – 300678

More than 300 employees, extra charge for table price: NOK 620,- for each commenced number of 40 employees.

The compensation applies only to employees who have access to music during working hours. The compensation is independent of the scope of the music use.




Playing commercial videos with music, music videos or other types of background music.
NOK 1 376,- per year per unit

Applies to the use of music during movie showings and in movie advertisements.

Movie showings:
1 % of gross revenue from ticket sales.
The theatre pays compensation to TONO in arrears either quarterly, every six months, or annually by agreement with TONO.

For less independent clubs (e.g. youth clubs, retiree clubs, etc. that are not under the auspices of the municipality), 4.5% of the box office takings (total sales) must be paid to TONO.

Our minimum compensation fee per club, per year, is NOK 1250

The state has drawn up an agreement with TONO for musical performances that take place within the Church of Norway and other religious communities. The agreement covers performances for all church services and devotional music. For devotional music, church concerts are understood to offer free admission and religious preaching.

In May 2021, TONO launched a digital reporting solution for ceremonies. Log in here to report

If you have questions about the reporting of church services, please contact seremoni (a) tono.no.

The agreement does not cover church concerts without religious preaching.

TONO compensation is then calculated based on the CONCERT TARIFFS, from box office takings, or the number of spectators at free concerts. Collections are not counted as entrance fees/ticket sales, and do not need to be reported.

Single events can be applied for here.


For musical performances/usage that fall outside of the agreement or for more info, contact us at MARKED@TONO.NO.

TONO and KS (Municipal Sector Organization) has negotiated a model agreement for municipalities in Norway that use music that is approved under the auspices of the municipalities.

Examples of music usage that are covered by this type of agreement include music at youth clubs, indoor swimming pools and sports centers, playing fields, work places, nursing homes, libraries, kindergartens, and schools.

Examples of music usage that are not covered by the agreement are those at theaters, concerts, and online.

Contact us for TONO licenses for conditions outside of the agreement if the municipality that you represent has not made this type of agreement or if you would like more information.

Fitness centers must pay a TONO compensation fee for the following uses of music:

  • Background music in common areas (weight-lifting rooms, locker rooms, reception areas, etc.) Background music is calculated with a fixed rate of NOK 10.06 per m2 per year. Note: The group exercise area shall not be included in this category.
  • Group exercise sessions (aerobics, spinning, dance groups, TRX groups, and similar exercise classes) The compensation fee is based on how many participants you have per hour of group exercise.


Fewer than 10 NOK 10,05,-
10 – 19 NOK 16,07
Over 20 NOK 32,98
  • Remixes made by instructors used in group sessions.

If the group exercise sessions include music remixes made by instructors, you pay an extra remix compensation fee to the Nordic Copyright Bureau for this. TONO gives this approval, and the yearly fee is set to NOK 151 per instructor.

Fill out FORM below for agreement. CONTACT US if you need help or have other questions.