Release of music in physical formats (CD, DVD)

If you are planning to release music in a physical format (e.g. CD/LP/DVD), you must contact NCB for clearance before going to press. This applies even if the release contains only your own music.

See the tariffs, calculate what it will cost to release a record, and see other useful related information HERE (


If you have any questions, contact NCB directly:

Tel: +47 800 56 627
Email for CD releases: AUDIO.NO@NCB.DK
Email for film productions: AV.NO@NCB.DK

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Are some types of yoik covered by special copyright provisions to accord with Sámi tradition?

Yes, TONO has special copyright rules for the personal yoik that it administers. Copyright protects everyone who creates works of music or other intellectual property, and forms the basis for TONO’s operations. In Norway, this right is established in law through the Norwegian Copyright Act. It is also protected under a number of international agreements,…
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