Can I manage library music myself?

With effect from January 2016, TONO has offered its members the opportunity to self-administer so called library music. Self-administration applies to the mechanical rights areas synchronisation and copying.

This means that our members themselves can negotiate price with production companies that make use of libraries of musical works that are made specifically for film, television, radio and advertising.

Library music is not disseminated to the general public, but is normally made available to production companies that are at liberty to choose which musical works they want to use, e.g. in an audio-visual production.

Definition of library music
Library music is defined as follows: An uncommissioned musical work that is released solely for non-exclusive use in audio and audio-visual productions.

The musical work is created primarily for use by production companies and various enterprises that may use the work as background music in their productions.

How to submit a work notification for library music
The musical works must first be notified to TONO in the usual way.

Then you must submit an application form stating which works you wish to self-administer.

The works will be marked as Library (LIB) in our systems. This means that they will be exempt from NCB’s ordinary mechanical rights management.

It is important to be aware of the following:

  • Self-administration applies only to synchronisation and copying. This means that public performances continue to be administered and licensed by TONO.
  • If a work has several rights holders, all of them must apply for self-administration of the work in question before it can be considered to be library music.
  • The works must first be notified and registered with TONO in the usual way, before an application for self-administration is submitted.

Download the application form HERE (in Norwegian).

Submit the completed form to WORK@TONO.NO

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