Vinner av Nordic Music Prize 2011

Goran Kajfes vant Nordic Music Prize for 2011, for albumet XY!

 / 17/02/2012 /

The Nordic Music Prize’s distinguished jury has decided that the Nordic Music Prize goes to Swedish Goran Kajfes for the album XY! Goran Kajfes secured the victory in close competition with 11 other nominees.

A very distinctive voice unexpectedly united the jury, everybody instantly recognized the love that has gone into the playing and, also, the packaging. It’s an ambitious and warm fusion of sonic elements, from jazz with both african and eastern influences to electronica.

This double album really does something that is quite rare: it communicates the pure joy of music. – Author of the new book Electric Eden, former editor of The Wire, now writer for Uncut and The Wire.

 – Scandianavias most influential music writer. Now based in London. Writes for Svenska Dagbladet.

 – Owner of Domino Records

 – Former member of P.I.L. Owner of Rough Trade Records with Geoff Travis. Manager of Pulp and Jarvis Cocker.

 – Former Factory Records employee, now A&R at Columbia Records UK.

 – Washington, D.C.-based freelance music journalist and critic. Regular contributor at and Paper magazine.

 – founder and owner of DFA Records. – It All Starts With One
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